About Me

I’m Doug Sherk, a software engineer in Toronto. I’m the rare breed of developer who loves both technology and business + working with people. I’ve built software for over 10 years.


Right now, I’m doing technical consulting, looking for an engineering job at a startup, and applying for masters in CS programs.

I used to work at Mozilla, where I was at various times a tech lead and a product manager. I also worked at Zynga just before they IPO’d and were at their (arguably) peak valuation.

You can contact me at doug (at) sherk (dot) me.


  • 2015-09-04 – Firefox OS Foxfooding Newsletter, Interview (Transcript)
  • 2015-07-23 – Air Mozilla Reps Community Meeting, Foxfooding Project (Video [I suggest jumping to 8:30])
  • 2015-06-22 – Mozilla All-Hands, Firefox OS “Spark” on-device programming, theming; talk to 2000+ employees (Video shown after talk)
  • 2013-11-16 – uXperience Design Competition, 2nd Place; ~$500 GoPros and equipment for everyone on the team (Video, Photo)
  • 2013-10-14 – Javascript Everywhere, “CSS Animations and Transitions, The Graphics Backend” (Video) (Slides)
  • 2013-09-06 – Javascript Everywhere, “AngularJS Walkthrough” (Slides)
  • 2012-08-23 – “Async Panning and Zooming in Mobile Browsers” (Video) (Slides)
  • 2012-01-29 – Facebook Hackathon at University of Waterloo, Honorable Mention (Photo, Post)
  • 2011-12-09 – WebGL Camp #4, “Context Loss: The Forgotten Scripts” (Video)